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Power Plant Technology By M M El Wakil Solution Pdf




. Fiber optic communication test equipment | fiberoptic communications test equipment 3 projects 2015-16 download as pdf file (pdf), text file (txt) or read online.Q: How to send data from Service to View-Controller I have this LoginViewController that has a view with 3 buttons. Each button (of the 3) should execute a function in LoginService, and this function (obviously) should have a "id" as parameter. When the button is pressed, the function is called and i want to send the "id" (that is the Button pressed, for example "User1") to the LoginService and only then pass it to the function in LoginService. LoginService: public interface LoginService { public void doLogin(String id); } LoginViewController: public void onClick(View v) { LoginService service = new LoginService() { @Override public void doLogin(String id) { if(id.equals("User1")) { //Go to UserProfile } } }; //Aply the service service.doLogin("User1"); I was thinking of a way that does not pass the id in LoginService and instead pass a "flag" of the button pressed (like "b0" "b1" "b2", and then each button can change this flag in a setOnClickListener in LoginViewController) But i dont know how to do this. Note: This should be done in Android so the answer should be written in that language. A: create method in LoginService which returns promise void doLogin(String id);




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Power Plant Technology By M M El Wakil Solution Pdf

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