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R&D Department

Meet the wise minds of FIC Aryabhatta responsible for ensuring the growth financial acumen of the cell. The Research and Development department serves as the knowledge bank for FIC Aryabhatta.


Headed by Vansh Rastogi & Aman Jha

Vansh understands and emphasises the importance of focussing on ‘smart work’ along with ‘hard work. His perseverance and capability to ask the right questions are admirable. His presence and ideas are pivotal for the development of the Cell and its members.

Aman Jha, with the quality of work he delivers, he aims at setting high benchmarks for the entire team. His expertise and his ability to consume knowledge and learn new skills make him stand out in front of others. His passion and unshakeable belief are true lifesavers for our Cell.

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We at Research & Development Department

From organising rigorous research sessions to writing research papers and from framing new strategies for development of the society and its members to critically analysing recent trends, this department keeps track of events, big or small, and publishes them in a way that makes understanding finance a much easier task.

The department and its members are well equipped and updated with market trends and make sure that others don't lag behind. Rigorous research sessions, research papers, group discussions, debates are some activities that define the department and its members.

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